Vijay Jayaraj on the Church’s Response to Climate Change

For decades, some people have blamed humans for what they consider dangerous, potentially catastrophic climate change. Biblical teaching and sound scientific information should guide how Christians respond. Christ calls His church to help the poor and needy. Catastrophic climate change would hurt them.

But before we jump into action, we must carefully analyze the facts and view the situation through Biblical lenses.

Is climate change real?

There are no “climate deniers” among serious academicians and scientists. Regardless of differences in nationality, ethnicity, and religion, all climate scientists agree that climate change is real. Global average temperature has risen by about 1˚C (1.8˚F) over the last 150 years.

Is climate change mostly manmade?

But scientists differ on how much human activity contributes to warming, the harm it might cause, the extent of natural climatic variability, and how much warming we might see in the future.

The disagreements arise primarily from blatant errors in predictions about our climate system.

Those who think human activity is causing dangerous warming appeal to computer climate models to justify their views. But the models proved wrong for the past 18 years. 95 percent were wrong. They predicted two to three times more warming than actually observed.

In other words, claims about a chaotic future climate rest entirely on false model outputs that remain uncorrected to this day.

It gets even more shocking if we analyze claims climate-change alarmists make regarding the role of human beings in the warming.

The alarmists blame carbon dioxide from burning coal, oil, and natural gas for the supposedly dangerous increase in global temperatures. But during the 16-year period between 2000 and 2016, the global temperatures failed to rise significantly despite a rapid increase in carbon dioxide emissions from human activity.

During this period, there has been a very weak correlation between atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and global average temperature.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Vijay Jayaraj

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