There’s a Devil Loose: 19-Year-Old Wannabe Rapper Kills 9-Year-Old Texas Girl When He Opened Fire on the Wrong Apartment After Argument With Rival

Tyrese Simmons, 19, whose rapper name is ‘Lul Reese’, shot dead nine-year-old Brandoniya Bennett

A vengeful wannabe rapper opened fire at the wrong Dallas apartment last Wednesday, killing a nine-year-old girl instead of a rival rapper with whom he had an argument over ‘diss tracks,’ police said.

Tyrese Simmons, 19, whose rapper name is ‘Lul Reese’, turned himself in to cops hours after being named late Thursday for the shooting of Brandoniya Bennett.

The little girl had just gotten her nails done and was sitting on the couch in her Old East Dallas home, preparing for her first day back at school when she was shot in the head, according to authorities.

She had no connection to the gunman or the rival he was intending to shoot – both of whom are suspected of being gang members, KDFW reported.

The pair had traded insults on social media and in song lyrics.

‘Both parties recorded rap songs and they dissed each other. That was the impetus that resulted in a homicide of a nine-year-old girl,’ Dallas Police Major Danny Williams said.

Police did not release the intended target’s name, but said he lived in the apartment next door to Bennett at the Roseland Townhomes on Munger Avenue near Interstate 75.

Witnesses said they broke up a fight between the two men shortly before the shooting, with Simmons allegedly threatening to come back and ‘air out this place,’ Williams said.

‘That’s a common term saying that you’re going to shoot into an apartment complex,’ the police major added.

‘When the person refused to come out of the apartment, Simmons circled around to the back of the apartment complex and opened fire on the wrong apartment, fatally striking Brandoniya who was inside at the time,’ Dallas police said in a statement.

Williams said the gunman fired shots through the front door of Bennett’s unit and fled the scene on foot.

Witnesses said they heard at least five gunshots.

Authorities were called to the scene of the shooting at around 5.30pm.

Simmons allegedly targeted the wrong apartment at the Roseland Townhomes on Munger Avenue near Interstate 75 in Old East Dallas

Williams said officers carried the girl to a squad car so they could try to get her medical attention as fast as possible, but she was pronounced dead at the hospital.

‘She was sitting in her house. She felt safe. She was nine years old. She would’ve started school today,’ Williams said at a briefing on Thursday.

‘Those are the people that don’t think about safety because – as adults, as parents, as police officers – we’re supposed to make them safe. As community leaders, we’re supposed to make them safe.’

Simmons, who has been charged with capital murder, is being held in the Dallas County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

Cops are still investigating the shooting and have not ruled out the possibility of there being additional suspects.

A GoFundMe campaign set up to raise money for Bennett’s mother, Sontravia Elder, to help with funeral expenses, has surpassed $30,900.

The community held a candlelight vigil for the girl on August 17.

At least three people have been killed at the city-run apartment complex in little over a month.

Just six weeks ago, two 17-year-old boys were killed and two others were wounded in a shooting in the nearby area.

The teens and the two injured were outside playing dice when they were struck during a driveby shooting, police said.

Police have not yet arrested anyone in that case.

The violence has prompted 24-hour police patrols for the foreseeable future, according to KTVT.

SOURCE: Daily Mail