Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Provost Dr. Matthew Hall Says “I’m Going to Struggle With Racism and White Supremacy Until the Day I Die” in Now-Deleted Video

Southern Baptist leaders insist they are not being co-opted by the far-left social justice movement but a Christian apologist says recent statements made by a seminary leader suggest otherwise.

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is the first and most visible of the SBC schools, so it was a bit surprising to witness Dr. Matthew Hall, its provost and a senior vice president, suggest that a white Christian’s beliefs, attitudes and values have been deeply informed by that person’s corrupt whiteness.

“I am a racist…,” he tells viewers in a video. “I’m going to struggle with racism and white supremacy until the day I die and get my glorified body.”

Hall’s entire monologue, where he states twice that he is racist, tying it to his sin nature, was reported by The Capstone Report in a July 29 story. 

Author and speaker Dr. Alex McFarland says Hall was engaged in self-flagellation that plays into the hands of the far-left social justice movement.

McFarland ties Hall’s bizarre confession to the controversial Critical Race Theory (CRT), which suggests that racism is imbedded in every facet of society and must be recognized by — and admitted to — by white people.

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Source: One News Now