Southern Baptist Leaders Cast Vision for 2020 Meeting in Orlando, Florida

Ronnie Floyd, Tommy Green, David Uth and J.D. Greear (left to right) discuss plans for the 2020 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in Orlando. Photo by Barbara Denman

More than 220 Florida Baptist pastors and leaders were challenged by Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee President Ronnie Floyd to mobilize messengers “for the sake of the Gospel” to attend the SBC annual meeting, June 9-10, 2020, in Orlando.

During the Aug. 21 meeting held at First Baptist Church in Orlando, Floyd asked for the pastors to “begin a journey of casting a vision” that will bring “thousands and thousands” to the annual meeting.

“It is important to make it a big deal,” he said. “The more people coming to the convention means more people will hear our message.”

Floyd shared his goal of having 12,000 in attendance in 2020.

“Let’s encourage and empower our people and say, ‘let’s do something big for the sake of the Gospel,'” he said.

Floyd urged pastors to bring laypeople to the meeting, a group that has dwindled in attendance in recent years. “Laypersons bring a reality to our ‘la la land'” where many pastors reside, he said.

The 2020 meeting, Floyd said, will celebrate the 175th anniversary of the convention meeting. He said the anniversary “needs to be a wake-up call” and “bring us back to the message, bring us back to the mission to bring the world to Jesus Christ … advancing the Gospel to every person in the world.

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Source: Christian Headlines