Ryan Bomberger: Mario, Mario, Wherefore Art Thou Spine, Mario?

Mario, oh Mario. What did you just jump into?

You spoke common sense about children not making drastic life-altering decisions about sexuality at the age of 3. You know, because toddlers who think they’re fish, or dinosaurs, or fairies, or dogs, or any number of imaginary things are authorities on gender and sexuality. Your interview with Candace Owens was so…reasonable. But Tinseltown had no tolerance for basic truths about our humanity and parental responsibility.

So the cult of transgenderism swiftly wielded its fierceness and caused a father to cower in fear. Never mind the dangers we willingly open children up to when we push LGBTQXYZ pseudoscience. There are many well-documented reasons why medical professionals consider “gender ideology” to be extremely harmful to kids. The American College of Pediatricians, which embraces science instead of activism, lays out those reasons here.

Too many Americans—including Mario—allow themselves to be silenced while the new sexual revolution claims more and more younger victims.

Sorry, Hollywood. Parents need to guide their children’s decisions, not the other way around. If “self-identity” is reality, then I’m a movie star. I deserve to be treated like one. I want my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I want access to all of the posh restaurants and A-list parties. I want to profit from gun violence in my movies while denouncing it in the real world. I want to decry #MeToo sexual exploitation while being obsessed with reckless sexual behavior in my films. I want to call everyone a racist while I work for an industry still steeped in it. I want to tell people about “emotional safety” for children as I celebrate my fifth marriage. I want to preach about “being who you really are” as I emerge, unrecognizable, from my sixth plastic surgery. No one can challenge how I “identify” because facts are hateful, and feelings are healing. Oh. And in my pursuit of temporal happiness that will inevitably spiral into irreversible regret, people need to pay for my “transition.”

The Human Rights Campaign (whose co-founder and previous president, Terrance Bean, paid the reported victim $225,000 to settle a pedophilia lawsuit) thinks teaching children actual biological science is “dangerous to the safety and well-being of LGBTQ youth, especially trans children who deserve to be loved and accepted for who they are.” I guess they mean little boys being dolled up and paraded around in a gay bar to the applause and cheers of adulating gay men? Eleven year old “Desmond Is Amazing”, a confused boy with autism, is thrust into an overly sexualized adult world and that’s “safety and well-being?” That’s being “loved and accepted?” According to this Fatherly article, his mom looks forward to this being a “full-time gig.” How heartbreaking.

As parents, something should stir inside of us to see this for what it is—brokenness. While mainstream media celebrated a 11-year-old boy in drag being sexualized in a gay bar, who would be celebrating the same if it were a dad hustling his 11-year-old daughter in a “gentlemen’s club?”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ryan Bomberger

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