Ray Comfort on Scientists Say Bonobos Are Our Closest DNA Relatives

“Bonobos are our closest DNA relatives. Why do the vast, vast majority of scientists accept it? Over 99% of relevant scientists do…You do not understand what a theory is if you say that” –Jim C.

Be careful what you believe when it comes to what believers in evolution tell you. You have to always keep in mind that someone who has faith in evolution usually embraces atheism, which means that they have no moral compass. This means they can stretch the truth without any qualms of conscience—not that Jim is doing that here. More than likely he is just using the usual “tactics” he has learned from other believers. Let’s look at three points made by him:

  • “Bonobos are our closest DNA relatives.” Bonobos are pygmy chimpanzees, and the fact that they have DNA doesn’t make them relatives. They also have skin, arms, legs, a brain, blood, eyes, kidneys, liver, lungs, etc., but the similarity to human beings doesn’t mean that we are a branch of primates. It just means that God used a similar blueprint when He made both man and primates. But that blueprint isn’t confined to those two parts of His creation. Pigs also have eyes, ears, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, DNA, blood, hair, brains, etc. I sometimes sound like a pig when I sleep, know people that eat like pigs, and if we need a skin transplant, surgeons will often use pigskin, because it’s the closest to human skin. Does that mean we have a common ancestor in the pig? It could, if you are a believer in evolution, because there are no hard and fast rules.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ray Comfort