‘Prayer Zone’ Signs Are Showing Up Near South Carolina Schools

As students and parents prepare for a new school year in Richland County, South Carolina, they’ll be greeted by a sign different than usual: one inviting them to pray.

The “School Prayer Zone” signs look similar to regular road signs but feature green male and female stick figures praying. 2 Chronicles 7:14, a verse that tells God’s people to pray, repent and seek Him, is also included in the bottom right corner, according to CBN News.

Vanessa Frazier, founder and director of Christ Teens, brainstormed the idea after working behind the attendance desk in a local high school. Christ Teens is a nonprofit outreach intended to “train ‘soldiers’ to possess the land around public schools — all within the law!”

Frazier worked with the South Carolina Department of Transportation for three years and hopes the signs will “create a wall of prayer around the schools.”

The signs are placed on privately owned properties of churches near schools in order to maintain church and state boundaries, making the signs legal.

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Source: Christian Headlines