Norwegian Police Drop Criminal Charge Against American Family But Children Will Remain in CPS Custody

Natalya Shutakova and Zigintas Aleksandravicius pose for a photo with their three children during a June 2019 supervised meeting in Norway. | Natalya Shutakova

An American mother whose children were taken from her and her husband by Norwegian child services earlier this year says although a criminal charge for alleged “child mistreatment” has been dismissed, CPS is still refusing to return their children.

Natalya Shutakova, an American citizen who moved from Atlanta, Georgia, to Norway about a year ago, was told by her lawyer that police in Skien dropped the criminal charges against her and her husband, Lithuanian citizen Zigintas Aleksandravicius.

The couple’s three children, who are all American citizens, were removed from their home by Norway’s controversial child services agency Barnevernet in May, less than a year after the family moved to a town about 70 miles outside of Oslo.

The parents maintain that even though there was never any evidence against them, the children were taken from the home by police and the parents were summoned down to a police station on May 20. The parents were questioned about accusations that they had hit one of their children.

The parents outright deny that they struck any of their children. In Norway, even spanking a child is considered a crime.

“The crime was alleged child mistreatment but that’s cleared now,” Shutakova told The Christian Post in a Facebook message. “Barnevernet disregards what the police has to say. But we have an amazing judge and best lawyer in the world. The truth will come out. Children should be home soon. I can’t thank enough everyone who is continuously praying for us.”

The news of the criminal case’s dismissal was also reported by Norway’s Christian Coalition, which has often spoken out against what critics say is Barnevernet’s arbitrary emergency removal of children.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith