Northern California Teacher Identifying as Mx. Pushing ‘Gender Unicorn’ Worksheets to Students is Another Sign of Schools Being Turned Into ‘Sexual War Zones’

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A teacher’s decision to hand out “The Gender Unicorn” worksheets to students on the first day of class to express his preference for the nonbinary title of Mx. instead of Mr. is the latest example of schools being turned into “sexual war zones,” says Rebecca Friedrichs. 

When northern California students went back to school last week, parents didn’t know their kids’ science teacher would be advocating for transgender issues and pushing the belief that there are more than two sexes.

Luis Davila Alvarado, who teaches seventh- and eighth-grade science, was handing out The Gender Unicorn worksheets to students when the school’s principal stopped him, according to The Modesto Bee.

The school’s principal “happened to be in his second period class as part of her routine visits on the first day of school. When she saw the content of the handout, she spoke with the teacher and directed him to stop distributing it,” Superintendent Terry Metzger told The Modesto Bee.

The Gender Unicorn character was created for the group Trans Student Educational Resources, which is known for distributing its advocacy materials to schools nationwide. The paper provides a snapshot of transgender ideology packaged for children and lists the differences between sexual and emotional attraction, as well as gender identity and gender expression.

Alvarado, who is male, told his students that instead of using the courtesy title Mr., he wanted them to use the gender-neutral prefix Mx. To get a better understanding of that, he handed out The Gender Unicorn graphic for a class discussion.

Metzger told The Modesto Bee that she and the school’s principal spoke with the teacher and explained why it was a poor decision. Metzger added that gender identity is among the topics discussed in the seventh through 12th grade sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention curriculum, and insisted it was not a topic to be taught during science class.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter