Nigerian Christians Call for Government Protection After Pastor is Killed and His Wife Abducted

A Nigerian pastor has been killed in cold blood while traveling along a dangerous stretch of highway with his wife and child. Kaduna pastor Jeremiah Omolara of Living Faith Church was gunned down and his wife was abducted when militants stopped the family’s car on the notorious Abuja-Kaduna Highway Sunday evening.

According to Nigerian outlet The Punch, the pastor’s son was miraculously able to escape the brutal assault. The captors, however, are demanding a staggering $137,500 ransom for the release of Omolara’s wife, whose life is currently in grave danger.

The chairperson of the Christian Association of Nigeria’s Kaduna chapter, Joseph Hayab, confirmed the details of the horrific incident and urged security forces to do more to protect the Christian population in light of a spree of additional attacks.

“Now the Living Faith Church pastor was killed along Kaduna-Abuja in the presence of his wife, who was later abducted,” Hayab explained, according to the Daily Post Nigeria. “That tells you that the new trend is to attack us in our homes or in our churches or on the roads. We are just not safe anywhere and we are asking the same question we have been asking: ‘where are our security agencies?'”

Hayab continued to plead with security agencies to help the Christian population, which remains under siege from militants, including the fierce Islamic terror organization Boko Haram.

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Source: Christian Headlines