Newsboys Frontman Michael Tait Says It’s His ‘Guilty Pleasure’ to Team Up with Original Band Members for ‘UNITED’ Tour

Michael Tait says that back when he was part of DCTalk, he and Newsboys’ original front man, Peter Furler, were “frenemies.” But now, as Newsboys’ lead singer, Tait, admits, it’s a “guilty pleasure” teaming up with the original band members for the new United tour.

“I love it,” Tait tells Taylor Berglund on the “C-Pop” podcast. I find it funny now that, all these years later, Michael Tait of DCTalk is Newsboys’ lead singer. I say God works in mysterious ways.”

Some of Tait’s favorite throwback songs on the new album are “Breakfast,” “Shine” and “Something Beautiful.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News