New York Church Hosting Revival Defends Decision to Let Fresh Fire Leader Todd Bentley Preach After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Faith healer and Fresh Fire USA leader, Todd Bentley. | Screenshot: Fresh Fire USA

Leaders of The Salvation of God Church in East Rochester, New York, where embattled faith healer and Fresh Fire USA leader Todd Bentley is expected to preach this weekend, declared their support for him Monday despite facing strong criticism from the public in the wake of recent allegations of sexual misconduct.

“We are not going to stop supporting Todd Bentley and Jessa Bentley and we are not going to cancel our meetings with them this weekend. Stop with the hate mail and grow up! It’s time we became the body and the light of Christ!” Susan G. O’Marra, co-pastor of the church declared in a post on her Facebook page Monday that was also shared by the church. The church was not immediately available for further comment when contacted by The Christian Post.

Bentley’s four-night event in New York with The Salvation of God Church is “geared specifically for a Healing Outpouring!” according to language advertising the event online.

“The Lord is raising up hotspots of revival where the power of God prevails and transcends all spheres. These will be healing centers much like the ministries of A.A. Allen in Miracle Valley; Kathryn Kuhlman in Pittsburg; and Aimee Semple McPherson in Los Angeles. These centers will have the mantle of healing and deliverance and will allow people to gather and sit in the anointing and glory of the LORD for days at a time!” the announcement for the event says. “We are purposefully holding meetings to reignite these healing fires and rekindle anointings!”

Bentley was recently publicly dismissed by estranged protégé Stephen Powell as “not fit for public ministry” because of an alleged “perverse sexual addiction.” Powell accused the controversial evangelist of preying on interns, among other things.

Powell, who runs Lion of Light Ministries in Pineville, North Carolina, alleged in a lengthy post on Facebook last Thursday that Bentley “has an appetite for a variety of sexual sins, including both homosexual and heterosexual activity.” He also alleged that Bentley and his wife Jessa invited other people into their marriage bed.

Bentley vehemently denied any sexual acts outside of his marriage.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair