Michael Brown on President Trump and Israel: A Microcosm of His Strengths and Weaknesses

President Donald Trump (Reuters)

I have finally managed to reduce my evaluation of President Trump to one short sound bite: What he does is often praiseworthy; what he is says is often cringeworthy. Nowhere is this more evident than in the president’s dealings with Israel and the Jewish people.

What he has done for Israel is huge—as in yuge.

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem was huge. No other president had the fortitude to do this. Not Bill Clinton. Not George W. Bush. Not Barack Obama.

Every president, decade after decade, delayed the move by another six months, until President Trump.

This took courage, determination, boldness, even fearlessness.

To repeat: This was huge.

It was also huge for Trump to pull out of the disastrous Iran deal, hopefully forestalling Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Of course, only God knows the intentions of the radical Islamic leaders of Iran. But if the president’s actions made it more difficult for Iran to use nuclear weapons against Israel and others, that would be absolutely huge.

It was huge for Trump to give official recognition of the Golan Heights, something that should have been done by America decades ago.

That’s why so many Israelis are pro-Trump: they believe he’s a man of action, and they believe he is a real friend of their country.

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SOURCE: Charisma News