Mark MacDonald Elected as International Mission Board’s Vice President of Marketing and Communication

Mark MacDonald IMB photo

International Mission Board trustees voted to elect Mark MacDonald as the mission organization’s vice president of marketing and communication during a virtual meeting Monday (Aug. 12).

MacDonald currently serves as strategic communication catalyst for the Florida Baptist Convention in Jacksonville, Fla., and executive director of the Center for Church Communication, based in Los Angeles, Calif. He has led, a national consulting agency that helps churches and people become relevant in their community so they can share the Gospel effectively, and he is the author of “Be Known For Something.” His work will shift to the IMB role based in the Richmond, Va., home office in late September.

“We’re delighted to welcome Mark MacDonald to our senior leadership team,” IMB President Paul Chitwood said. “Mark has more than 30 years of professional success in advertising, communication, design, writing, and speaking in both the Southern Baptist Convention and the secular marketplace. We value his experience leading in a Baptist state convention, his love for serving the local church, and his passion for missions. We trust Mark will lead us toward excellence as we communicate how Southern Baptists are part of God’s work around the world through our praying, giving and going.”

As vice president of marketing and communication, MacDonald will be responsible for leading IMB’s execution of marketing and communication to the Southern Baptist constituency and beyond, maximizing awareness and appreciation for the IMB brand, which Chitwood has stated as a priority since his election in November 2018.

MacDonald said, “As I travel, it doesn’t take long to understand our world has changed. In fact, we’re experiencing the biggest communication shift in history. The internet and social media have forever changed us.

“It’s not as simple as knowing how to use the tools and channels,” he said. “It’s about creating an effective communication strategy that tells compelling stories that lead to a desired action. There’s lots of communication happening, but fewer people are listening. What a huge challenge!”

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Source: Baptist Press