Karl Vaters on Celebrating the Essential Role of the Historically Small Church

Why do I love small churches?

Because I love the church.

It’s really hard to love the church and not have a warm spot for smaller congregations. They are, after all, the most common representation of the gathered body of Christ.

Also, I love small churches because I’m a student of history. When you take even a fleeting walk through church history, two things become very clear about church size.

A Lot Of Small

First, most churches throughout history have been small. Really small. But it didn’t stop them from being effective.

From the New Testament house churches, to most of the congregations that campaigned to abolish slavery, to those who still lead people to faith in Christ today, churches of 50, 20, 10 and fewer have always played an essential role in changing the world for Christ and his kingdom.

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Source: Christianity Today