Here We Go: Homosexuals Protest Straight Pride Event in Modesto, California — Apparently It’s Okay to Have a Homosexual Pride Parade but Not a Straight Pride Parade — Go Figure

A straight pride group demonstrated along the streets of Modesto Saturday afternoon and dozens showed up to speak out against them.

Straight pride supporters were denied a permit for their event weeks ago due to issues with logistics but vowed to make an appearance anyway.

Modesto police were on high alert, surrounding protestors and keeping the peace.

A large crowd formed on McHenry Street for several hours. People were holding signs, making noise and speaking out against straight pride event organizer Don Grundmann. For weeks he’s advertised having a straight pride event.

“This is an example of free speech in our country. It’s a one-way street. They want free speech but they don’t want to give us free speech,” Grundmann said.

When Grundmann showed up Saturday afternoon, people against his message said they wanted to outnumber him and surrounded his sign promoting the straight pride coalition.

“Apathy and not confronting fascists when they come out into the society and public space in our communities, it makes it unsafe for queer people, people of color,” said Sabine Tischler.

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Source: CBS Sacramento