Gordon Boronow on Why Rosanna Arquette Should Not be Ashamed or Apologize for Being ‘White and Privileged’

What was she thinking? American actress, film director and producer Rosanna Arquette posted an apology on Twitter for being born “white and privileged”. She added, “I feel so much shame.”

This apology is from a person who has great talent and has accomplished much in and for her craft. She is also a person of courage. She was among the first of the courageous women to speak out and accuse the powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assaultive behavior. She has been a long-time social activist for causes she believes in, especially protecting women and children from sexual exploitation. What in the world does Rosanna Arquette feel she must apologize for?

I cannot help but feel Ms. Arquette has badly misinterpreted the suddenly over-used phrase “white privilege.” To be sure, some people do throw around the white privilege phrase as if they can thereby accuse people of light-colored skin of some great wrong. But that is just nonsense. Moral culpability in life has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin. We all have sinned says the Bible and our lives confirm this truth, but the Bible was not referring to skin color. There is no need to apologize for light colored skin.

Should Ms. Arquette feel shame for being from a privileged background? She must think so. Beto O’Rourke, one of the candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination, also recently apologized for being a white man with a privileged background. Does a privileged background make a person guilty of anything? If so, then all Americans are guilty, when compared to the other 6 billion people on this planet. But this too is silly nonsense. Our background is our background. It carries no moral stigma nor does it carry a badge of honor. It just is. Some people are beautiful; some of us not so much. Do I expect an apology from Brad Pitt for being born handsome? Just silly nonsense.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Gordon Boronow