Eric Bryant Asks, Should We Be Fighting to Protect Our Christian Culture?

Christianity in America has come under fire. 

Accused of being racist and judgmental and blamed for being misogynistic and hypocritical, how should those of us who follow Jesus respond?

People claiming to be Christians rail against immigrants, Muslims, liberals, the media, and others who may believe, behave, or look different than they do. They seem to endorse white nationalism or at least remain silent in the face of such evil. They seem to be afraid of America’s changing demographics. There are those who feel they must “fight to protect our Christian culture.”

This goes against biblical Christianity.

This goes against the heart of Jesus.

There is a distinct difference between cultural Christianity and those who have chosen to surrender their lives to follow Jesus.

Followers of Jesus should follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

So how did He oppose the pagan and religious culture of his time and bring lasting change?

Jesus sacrificed his life as an expression of love.

Jesus invites to “take up our cross daily” – die to self and live by faith.

We should not be surprised that people without faith would choose to live differently than what the Bible describes. When the world opposes the high standard we see in the Scriptures, we should not let fear guide our words and actions.

Instead, to influence the world around us and make a real difference, those who do follow Jesus need to actually live as the Bible describes.

The Bible reminds followers of Jesus who we are in our world, to whom we should share our allegiance, and how to bring genuine transformation.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Eric Bryant