Clemson’s Championship QB Trevor Lawrence Wants to Be ‘the Best to Ever Do It’

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence has already been called one of the great quarterback prospects in recent history after only his freshman season. It’s not even strange to already consider Lawrence as chasing something bigger: to be one of the most successful college quarterbacks ever.

Which has always been the plan for the sophomore who opens the season Thursday against Georgia Tech (ACC, 7 p.m. ET).

“He’s told me before that he wants to be the best to ever do it, and not in a sort of flashy way,” said Joey King, who coached Lawrence at Cartersville High School and is now the wide receivers coach at Coastal Carolina.

His coaches at Cartersville “knew he was going to be special from an early age,” King said. As an eighth grader, Lawrence came to practice and made throws “that made us kind of step back as a coaching staff.” By ninth grade, the throws were commonplace.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Paul Myerberg