Attorney With the Alliance Defending Freedom Says the So-Called ‘Do No Harm Act’ Would Strip Away Parts of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

A bill that could have serious consequences for religious freedom protections is making its way through Congress.

If passed, the Do No Harm Act would strip away certain parts of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

Supporters of the Do No Harm Act claim that RFRA is often used as a weapon against women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community. That’s why they want to chip away at it.

Religious freedom advocates though, say these protections are absolutely necessary for people of faith to be able to hold and live out their religious beliefs.

Senior Counsel Matt Sharp with Alliance Defending Freedom spoke to CBN News’ Faith Nation about how the Do No Harm Act could affect RFRA and why he believes the name is misleading.

“This bill would cut very important religious freedom protections for countless Americans, people of all walks of life – Christians, Muslims, Jews and so many others that, throughout the 25 year history of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, have had their rights to freely live out their faith, protected against government efforts to tell them that they must violate their conscience or do something that violates their beliefs.”

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Source: CBN