What’s Going On? WATCH: White Son Begs White Father Not to Call the Police on Black Man Who He Thinks is Trespassing in His Building but is Simply Visiting His Disabled Friend

A father called police on a black man in California despite being begged to stop by his tearful son.

The white man accused the visitor, a black software engineer, of trespassing and called the cops – but the guest insisted he was just visiting a friend.

While his father was on the phone, the little boy tugged at the man’s jacket and pleaded with him to stop, saying: ‘Daddy, don’t’.

Footage of the row, filmed in the Bay Area, is believed to have been taken by Wesley Michel, the engineer at the center of the row, and was shared online by film producer Tariq Nasheed.

Nasheed claimed the white man was a YouTube employee who has since deleted his social media accounts, although his identity has not been confirmed.

DailyMail.com has approached YouTube’s owner, Google, for comment.

The video shows the white man standing by a door with his son while the black man is filming him.

At the start of the clip the white resident pulls out his cell phone and says he will call police on the ‘trespasser’.

Warning him not to, the black man says: ‘I’m recording you right now and you’re going to be the next person on TV. Just remember that, and you have your son with me.’

The white resident retorts: ‘You don’t need to threaten me, you just need to get out of the building.’

As he tells police that ‘there’s a trespasser in my building’, his son wails: ‘Daddy, don’t. It’s for better. I agree with him, daddy.’

Suspicious whether the black man’s friend really exists, the caller says he is willing to ‘hold the door here for you while you call your friend’.

Speaking to police, he says the visitor is ‘filming me and refusing to leave’ and claims he ‘tailgated through the door, as I left he walked in’.

The black man mocks his concern, saying sarcastically: ‘I’m just here to rob a mailbox’.

Describing the visitor, the caller says cautiously that he ‘appears to be African-American’ – a statement mocked by the black man.

Asked to provide the friend’s name, the black man said: ‘I don’t have to tell you s***.’

‘Listen to your son, walk away, I will stop this. I will stop the recording.’

The son tugs at his father’s jacket again and says: ‘Yeah, I agree, let’s go daddy. Let’s go now, I don’t like this.’

Off screen, the man’s friend arrives and is warmly greeted before the white man finally puts his phone down.

In a similar video which circulated widely in February, a white woman appeared to call Massachusetts police on a black man because of an altercation between their dogs.

Nicknamed ‘Dog Park Diane’ by viewers online, the woman depicted in the video apparently summoned cops because the man’s dog ‘aggressively’ humped hers.

According to Franklin Baxley, who filmed the video, the unnamed woman decided to involve police after she believed his dog ‘assaulted’ hers with an ‘aggressive’ hump.

Last October, an audio recording of a 911 call in Atlanta revealed how a woman called police with a ‘funny feeling’ after seeing a black man with two white children.

The man, Corey Lewis, had merely been babysitting the two children while their parents went out for dinner.

The parents their youngsters were ‘scared’ when cops arrived because they thought their babysitter might get arrested.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Tim Stickings