WATCH: ‘Prancing Percy’ the Cockapoo Nails the Bottle Cap Challenge

Percy, a cockapoo from Toronto, prepares to take on the #bottlecapchallenge – which has seen participants, including stars including Ryan Reynolds and Jason Statham, try to spin-kick the cap from a bottle

This talented dog is staking his claim as the best executed #bottlecapchallenge yet – having learned the trick in just one hour.

The challenge – which requires participants to spin-kick the cap from a bottle – is the latest viral craze to hit the internet, and has been attempted by celebrities including actors Ryan Reynolds and Jason Statham.

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And while Mariah Carey has also completed the challenge – by singing a high-pitched note to knock the cap off – Percy the cockapoo has given it a fresh canine twist, by lifting his leg up and flicking the lid off.

Footage shows the talented pooch, from Toronto, following his owner Sarah Shapiro’s command as she tells him to ‘Back up, back up… go pee pee!’

Right on cue, Percy reverses towards the bottle, raises his hind leg and, with a whimper, knocks the cap off with his paw.

‘Prancing Percy’ – as he is known on Instagram – was trained in just 60 minutes by Ms Shapiro, a full-time dog trainer.

She broke down the trick and systematically taught him how to do it over the course of three sessions and plenty of treats.

Ms Shapiro said: ‘About two days ago, I saw another challenge video, somebody used a drifting car to knock off the bottle cap, and I thought it was brilliant, and I wondered if Percy would be able to do it.

‘He had the two foundational skills I needed at the time we attempted the bottle cap challenge – back up and raise your rear leg – so it was just a case of combining them and adding in the bottle.

‘It took me about an hour, over the course of three sessions.

‘Percy is just a normal dog. Dogs are incredible animals, and they’re capable of learning and doing amazing things.

‘I hope I can inspire somebody out there to try trick-training their dog. They might surprise you!’

Among Prancing Percy’s other tricks, he can locate a treat hidden under a cup after it’s been shuffled between two others – and he can take a blanket on the floor, roll over it and wrap himself up in it on cue.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Nick Enoch

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