Shane Idleman: California’s Earthquakes and Exodus — What’s Going On?

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The recent shaking in California has revealed that many are allowing fear and discouragement to impact their decisions.

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not discounting the deep emotional and psychological pain associated with fear, depression and anxiety, but I do want to remind you that God makes provision for all of our needs. The first step must be toward God…toward genuine worship. Anxiety and fear must flee in the presence of heartfelt worship. Worship must be a priority.

We cannot live like hell all week and expect heaven to fall during worship. We cannot fill our mind with darkness all week and expect the light of Christ to shine during worship. We cannot worship ourselves and things all week and expect to turn our affections toward God on one designated day. Instead of constantly bickering and complaining about California, or the USA, or our President, we must extremely grateful and thankful. The Lord has blessed us beyond measure. We live as kings in castles compared to 95% of the world. What you are taxed each year is more than many make in a lifetime. Do you have running water, hot water, and electricity? You’re still in the 95% range. We need to get back to a thankfulness if we truly want to see God move in our lives. Our entitlement mentality will be our downfall.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Shane Idleman