Ray Comfort: God, Sex, the “Far” Country, and the Prodigal Son

I dare say that not too many sermons have been preached about the fact that the Prodigal Son spent his money on sex (read the whole story in Luke 15:11-32). The brother’s accusation that he has used the entire inheritance to have intercourse with prostitutes wasn’t contended by his father. The lesson for us isn’t just the young man’s fornication, but what led up to it. He could have approached his father and said, “Dad, I’m burning up. I need a wife. Can I have my inheritance now to buy a house, because as a hungry man can think only of food, I’m thinking about the marital bed?” His father was agreeable to giving him his inheritance and letting him travel the world, so more than likely he would have given him his inheritance so that he could obey His Creator’s command to be fruitful and multiply.

Instead, the Prodigal took his money and went to a “far” country. That word “far” is the key to unlocking what was going on in the heart of this young man, who was desperately feeling the itch and wanted to scratch. In a far country he would be away from his godly dad. In a far country he could visit prostitutes without looking over his shoulder and being discovered by him in his sin. In a far country he could indulge in everything his sinful heart craved, things upon which his godly father would obviously frown.

God made sex. He made male and female like a nut and bolt for each other, so that they could physically come together and with great pleasure, reproduce after their own kind. How kind of Him. But more than that, He made the female desirable in the eyes of the male. Just looking at her curves brings the male mind towards pleasure. She can increase his heartbeat in a second, and take his breath away with her beauty. How very kind of God to do such a thing.

But He made sex in that same way He made much of creation. When He created gravity, He gave us the intuitive sense to obey certain rules. Don’t climb up a 100 feet and step into the air because the same gravity that sustains your life by keeping your feet flat on a round earth, will kill you. It will bring you down to earth so quickly that the sudden stop will break every bone in your body. So gravity is good, if you obey the rules. God also made the deep blue ocean with its brightly colored fish, its cycle of evaporation and rain. But fall into it and breath it into your lungs, and it will kill you. The ocean is good, if you obey the rules. The rule of thumb is don’t step off 100 foot cliffs and don’t breath in ocean water. But every day around this world people fall to their deaths and other people drown in oceans. Had they obeyed the rules, they would still be alive today. Rules are sensible and they are for our protection.

God has parameters for the wonderful pleasures of sex, and He made it for marriage between a man and a woman. Obey the rules and indulge with His blessing. Disobey and you have His divine frown plus the consequence’s that will eventually come your way.

Sex Inspired Atheism

So what can a sin-loving sinner do when all he can think about is sex? The thought of having a woman takes his breath away with excitement, and yet God is frowning at his lustful thoughts. He knows He’s not happy at lust because he has a God-given conscience. It intuitively tells him that his sexual fantasies are morally wrong. So thoughts of God become unpleasant, and thoughts of a far country become attractive.

The sinner wants to get away from God, and in his mind he has two options. One is atheism. It does more than take him to a far country. It removes God entirely from the equation, and removes what’s left of the restraints of sexual passion. If there is no God, then conscience wasn’t divinely given and there will be no Judgment Day and definitely no Hell. It means that there is no such thing as sin, there’s no lust, and there’s no fornication. How attractive such thoughts are to the average prodigal.

However, it was the father of science (Sir Isaac Newton) who said that atheism is “senseless.” He chose his words well. To be an atheist, you have to remove your sense of sight, of sound, of touch, taste and smell.

An atheist is someone who believes the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything. There is no alternative. Everything was either made by something or it was made by nothing. If you think nothing made the sun, the moon, the stars, birds, flowers, trees, the yearly seasons, the oceans, the fish and a million and one other amazing things, how did it do it when nothing didn’t exist? It is senselessness in the truest sense of the word to deny the initial Cause. Something must have made everything, and to deny such simple common sense is intellectual suicide. It’s to say that buildings don’t need a builder, and that paintings don’t need painters. Yet every building is evidence of a builder and every painting is scientific and undeniable evidence that there was a painter. That’s why the Bible calls the atheist a “fool” (see Psalm 14:1). So atheism is out for the prodigal who wants to hang onto his common sense. A far more attractive alternative is idolatry.

Ah, the oasis of idolatry. It is promised water in a barren desert. It’s the doorway to a far country. It deals once and for all with the frowning rule-making God. “Idolatry” is a belief in your own god. You make him yourself. You can do this either with your hands or with your mind. To make a god with your hands you need either gold, silver, stone or wood, and you can make him small or you can make him large. Most make him small, sometimes with a fat belly, often ugly, and sometimes with multiple arms and legs.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ray Comfort