Pro-Life Advocates Say Kamala Harris’ “Medicare for All” Healthcare Plan is ‘Another Example of Democrats’ Extremism on Abortion’

A leading pro-life advocate is speaking out against the “Medicare for All” plan proposed by 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris, concerned that it would allow taxpayer funding for abortion. 
Harris, a U.S. senator and former attorney general of California, wrote an op-ed published Monday outlining the specifics of her Medicare platform at a time when many Democrat presidential hopefuls say they support the idea of “Medicare for All” but have different ideas on how it would be implemented.

“Medicare works; it’s popular,” Harris said, claiming the system in place is “already working.”

“Now, let’s expand it to all Americans and give everyone access to comprehensive health care,” she continued. “Medicare for All will cover all medically necessary services, including emergency room visits, doctor visits, vision, dental, hearing aids, mental health, and substance use disorder treatment, and comprehensive reproductive health care services,” including abortion.

Harris said that if the plan were to pass, all Americans will have the ability to buy into Medicare, a similar idea to the introductory buy-in included in Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All legislation.

But unlike Sanders, Harris said her plan would allow private insurers to offer Medicare plans if they “adhere to strict Medicare requirements on costs and benefits.”

“Medicare will set the rules of the road for these plans, including price and quality, and private insurance companies will play by those rules, not the other way around,” Harris wrote. “This preserves the options that seniors have today and expands options to all Americans, while also telling insurance companies they don’t run the show.”

Harris’ op-ed drew the ire of the Susan B. Anthony List, one of the nation’s leading pro-life lobbying and grassroots organizations, which took issue with Harris’ promise that “Medicare for All” will cover “reproductive health care services.”

SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser, who served as the chair of the Trump 2016 campaign’s pro-life coalition, decried the plan as “yet another example of Democrats’ extremism on abortion.”

“The latest call for taxpayer-funded abortion on demand through birth under Medicare for All might please the Democrats’ most radical pro-abortion base in the primaries, but this agenda is wildly unpopular with the American people, including a strong majority of Independents and more than a third of Democrats who oppose taxpayer funding of abortion,” Dannenfelser stated.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith