Keith Shorter on How Earthly Fireworks Show Us a Glimpse of Heaven’s Splendor

Like millions of other Americans, I attended a local fireworks show to celebrate the Fourth of July. I had a hard time focusing on the fireworks, however, because I was sitting behind a young lady from our church who is blind.

I kept watching and listening as her mother lovingly described the fireworks that others were enjoying.

She patiently described the shapes, sizes and patterns of the colorful displays in the black sky. I closed my eyes and tried to sense what her daughter was experiencing.

I could hear the booms and the description, but I could not see the beautiful sparkles in the sky. Then I began to wonder what she pictured in her mind as her mother described the colors of the fireworks.

What does blue or red or green look like if you’ve never seen those colors? And how do you possibly visualize a firework shooting up into the sky and exploding into a shower of colorful sparks? I realized that she could never fully appreciate the beautiful display we were all seeing in the night sky.

That evening I also realized heaven is probably like that for all of us.

God can describe it to us, but our comprehension of what we have never seen is limited at best. The Bible says that the walls are made of jasper, the gates are made of a single pearl, and the streets are made of pure gold, like transparent glass.

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Source: Baptist Press