Kassie Prather on the Importance of Christian Women Studying Their Faith for Spiritual Growth

While working with a program that prepared couples for long-term missions, I began to notice a deeply troubling gap in the expectations and the definitions of spiritual excellence for males and females.

Husbands were loaded up with classes, mentoring, books and accountability groups — but a monthly meeting was too much to ask of their wives.

Both inside and outside the world of full-time ministry, studying the finer points of our faith is a mainly masculine enterprise.* Aren’t women busy enough without diving deep into the Word? (Let Pinterest catechize them, some seem to imply.)

But when half the church is spiritually deficient, the entire body walks with a limp.

This is not always a problem of men downplaying the importance of women’s spiritual growth.

We, as God’s daughters, often take our own personal development less seriously than our Christian brothers. There is no need for instruction in biblical languages or hermeneutics, it seems, when most of us are hard-pressed to find time for basic discipleship amid so many other things that take priority.

Yet we sell ourselves and one another short of the gloriously robust contribution we’re meant to make in the Kingdom by assuming that learning biblical doctrine is the responsibility of our male counterparts. Women have become spiritual wallflowers.

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Source: Baptist Press