Georgia Man Becomes 13th U.S. Citizen to Die on Vacation in the Dominican Republic After Complaining About Drinking a Soda That ‘Didn’t Taste Right’

A Georgia man has died of a ‘respiratory illness’ while on holiday in the Dominican Republic – becoming the 13th American to die there in under a year.

Jerome Jester Jr. of Forsyth, Georgia, died on March 17 this year just a day after going sightseeing in the Caribbean nation, according to his family.

The 31-year-old had been on vacation with his sister, who called for an ambulance after he started having difficulty breathing.

Jester’s sister told ABC News: ‘He just dropped to his knees and started throwing up blood, and was calling for Mama.’

His mother Melody Moore told WSB-TV-2 she spoke to him the day before he died.

‘They had a good day,’ Moore told the station.

‘Saturday, they went out, they explored. They said they had a good day.’

Moore said he seemed fine on the phone but did mention drinking a soda which didn’t taste right.

Jester’s death is the latest in a recent spate of fatalities among US tourists visiting the territory.