Facebook Mail Center Evacuated After 2 People Reportedly Exposed to Nerve Agent Sarin

MENLO PARK, Calif. — A mail handling center has been evacuated in Menlo Park after reports of two people who were possibly exposed to sarin, fire officials say.

This is happening on Hamilton Court near Bayfront Expressway. The warehouse is owned by Facebook, officials say.

The San Mateo County Fire battalion chief says everyone is safe and the two people are currently being checked out.

He says that they were alerted to possible sarin while testing a package for hazardous chemicals.

A secondary open air test came back negative.

Hazmat crews are currently being sent in to do another test.

He says that this has happened at Facebook previously and, during that incident, the initial sarin alarm was false.

Sarin is a clear, colorless liquid that is classified as a nerve agent. Exposure can lead to convulsions, paralysis and sometimes death.