Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Son is Hospitalized With Torn ACL Just Weeks After His Wife Died from Cancer

World-famous bounty hunter Duane `Dog’ Chapman got further bad news as his son Leland was left hospitalized while on the family’s first manhunt since the tragic death of his wife, Beth Chapman.

Leland, born to Dog’s first wife La Fonda Sue Darnall, is accustomed to pursuing a diverse slate of fugitives across the U.S. with his dad, but according to, he was badly injured on Tuesday after taking down a suspect in Colorado.

The capture was caught on camera while the pair filmed the family’s new show, “Dog’s Most Wanted.” The injury comes just two weeks after Dog tragically lost his wife Beth to cancer at age 51.

Leland and his father were chasing a domestic violence suspect when the injury occurred.

In an ET interview, Leland explained he was already hobbled by a previous knee surgery and wasn’t planning to do any running, but by happenstance became the only one on the team within striking distance of the suspect. He tore his ACL trying to kick open a gate.

A spokesperson for the Chapmans confirmed to news outlets that the father-and-son team were seeking fugitive Edward Morales. Morales was reportedly wanted for skipping a hearing after pleading guilty to harassment in June.

The outlaw was eventually taken into custody but the family’s spokesperson revealed Leland, who lives in Athens, Alabama, will require surgery for his torn ACL in a hospital in Athens, AL. The surgery will require Leland to be out of action for up to six weeks.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law