David Jeremiah: Living an Outstanding Life for Christ

Did you attend a high school, college, or university graduation recently? If it was a high school graduation, you probably heard a speech from the class valedictorian—the most outstanding member of the class. The second highest-ranking student, the salutatorian, may also have spoken.

If you attended a college, university, or graduate school graduation, you probably heard certain students being labeled with funny-sounding Latin words when they received their diploma: cum laude (with distinction), magna cum laude (with great distinction), or summa cum laude (with highest distinction). These designations bestow deserved honor on students who achieved outstanding academic records during their years of education.

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It is part of human nature to do two things: strive for excellence and acknowledge those who achieve it. The trophy and awards industry has never seen better days. Companies, teams, and schools are constantly handing out hardware to acknowledge standout performances in every realm of life. And rightfully so! Proficiency and excellence deserve to be recognized.

If you have been recognized for excellence one or more times in your life, those moments are forever ingrained in your memory. They celebrate moments, memories, and milestones that don’t happen every day.

And the same is true in our spiritual life. All of us have many standout moments in our life that will never be recognized with a trophy or award. But they are standout moments, nonetheless, related to love, accomplishment, kindness, forgiveness, life-change, hard lessons, insights, education, family, and more. We treasure those moments in our life! In fact, we relive them frequently in our memories because they bring us joy, comfort, and encouragement about the future.

Here is what I have discovered about the standout moments in my life: Almost without exception, the important moments in my life have been, directly or indirectly, related to my life in God. Why? Because there is nothing in my life of consequence that has happened apart from the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, David Jeremiah

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