Dating Within a Christian Community: The Importance of Upholding Traditional Values

We all want to find a partner who shares our moral and religious values. Because of this, it is important to start in dating with the same rule as in life “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” (Mark 12:30). Then and only then will you be ready to share your life and your love with the right partner who, mind you, also needs to put God and Christian values first. It can help if you choose someone within your own community and consider such options as black Christian dating so as to find your ideal match. And if you are uncertain whether or not you are going about this the right way, here are some useful tips to truly help you find the partner you deserve without compromising your traditional Christian values.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Counsel

We all get a bit lost or doubt ourselves and our commitment to true Christian values. In case you are uncertain whether or not the relationship you are building, or the manner you approach dating is aligned with your religious teachings, you can always turn to your pastor for guidance.

Not just during confession, but simply seek them out and have an open and honest conversation. There is no one better to point out any mistakes you might be making and to help you return to the right path. Having someone like that in your life is a true blessing for with them and God on your side, you are bound to be able to build a healthy and loving relationship with your partner, one that is founded on shared values and trust.

Rely on the Community to Help You

Let’s be honest, the ladies from the front pews in the church probably know everything regarding all events within your congregation. So let them in from time to time, they actually might point you in the right direction when it comes to finding the perfect partner. But remember, avoid gossip and negativity, that can make you stray off the right path. You need to stay true to traditional values if you want to build an honest and strong relationship with the right partner.

Do Not Make Harmful Compromises

You might get tempted to make certain compromises in order to be with someone. However, if those include going against your belief system and moral values you were taught to uphold, it is simply not worth it. You shouldn’t compromise your relationship with God, or go against the teachings in the scriptures just in order to please your partner. That would lead you away from the righteous path. Instead, make sure that you find someone who shares your believes and is as committed to them as you are. This will give you a solid foundation for a long-lasting and loving relationship that is approved in the eyes of God.

So as you can see, only by staying true to your traditional Christian values will you be able to find the right partner within your Christian community who will help you grow and flourish instead of asking you to compromise your beliefs for their personal gain.