Country Singer Jo Dee Messina Shares How She Realized It Was Time to Glorify God Through Her Music

Chart-topping country singer Jo Dee Messina has recounted the powerful moment she encountered Jesus while in the middle of an arduous battle with cancer.

Messina, who has had several number-one singles in the country music genre, was hit with a series of trials during 2017. The singer was not only diagnosed with cancer but was also struck down with financial trouble and even went through a separation from her husband.

“If you’ve walked my life in the last five years, it has not been a typical life,” Messina told “Not a lot of it goes out in press, which is great, because a lot of it’s painful, and a lot of it’s hurtful, and a lot of it’s scary.”

But it was as the now-single mom was fighting through these battles that Christ broke into her life in a profound way. “About five years ago, Jesus Christ walked onto my front porch and argued with me all day long,” she explained. “As real as I’m sitting in this seat, Jesus came to my front porch and he’s like, ‘She’s mine.’”

“I just knew it, in the middle of that, in the middle of my spirit and my soul, I’m like, ‘That’s Jesus,’” the artist added.

Ecstatic about her divine meeting, Messina ran across to her next-door neighbor, a Christian, to glean more information about the person of Jesus Christ.

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Source: Christian Headlines