Beyonce’s “Lion King” Song “Spirit” Shows No Life on Music Charts

WEDS AM UPDATE: Beyonce debuted the video for “Spirit” last night on ABC. The video already has 2 million views on YouTube. So does the original video. That’s a total of 4 million. But the single itself has moved up to number 35. It’s interesting that it took the video to ignite fan response. The song on its own was DOA.

TUES NIGHT: Last week, it was all “Spirit” for Beyonce. She released a new song and a video from the upcoming new “Lion King.” All signs pointed to a hit because of her huge following.

But this week, there is no “Spirit” for the record, which topped out at number 3 on the iTunes chart and is now at 66.

Elsewhere, “Spirit” is invisible. It’s not on any Spotify streaming charts. On AppleMusic, “Spirit” isn’t on the USA top 50. It appears at number 92 on the Global Streaming chart for Apple Music.

Granted, “The Lion King” soundtrack is number 2 or 3 on iTunes. Fans are getting “Spirit” as part of the album.I t also appears on an album Beyonce “curated” coming this Friday called “The Lion King: The Gift” coming on the Disney record label, not Columbia Records, where she’s signed. Hmmm.

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SOURCE: Showbiz411, Roger Friedman