Benjamin Watson Shares a Lesson on Fatherhood Ahead of His Return to the NFL

Image credit: (AP Photo)

NFL tight end Ben Watson shared a lesson on fatherhood that every father needs to hear over the weekend on Facebook.

“The perfect dad is not the man who never makes mistakes,” Watson wrote. “It is, however, the man who does not take lightly the influence he has on his children and their future and strives to live and love them accordingly.”

Being a father brings a certain level of influence, one that men should not take likely, Watson expressed—and one that can be a challenge.

“This challenge, responsibility, and calling is not trivial or something to be dismissed,” he wrote. “It is a privilege, joy and great responsibility.”

Watson, a father of seven, pointed out that fatherhood is not an easy job. In fact, it’s often quite difficult, but it is a spectacular journey.

“It is not for the faint of heart nor the pompous and proud,” he added. “And though the road presents its own unique obstacles and situations it is a journey worth pursuing.”

“Through imperfection may we continue to strive to set the standard for the men we want our sons to become and the benchmark for the man we want our daughters to love,” he concluded.

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Source: CBN