Amazon is Selling Do-it-Yourself Tiny Home Kits for Under $20,000

Getaway Cabin Kit (Photo: Amazon)
Getaway Cabin Kit (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon has positioned itself to be the epitome of a one-stop shop.

From bedding and toiletries to furniture and food, the online retailer really does have almost all your domestic needs — including actual livable homes.

With Amazon Prime Day approaching, and Americans increasingly flocking to tiny homes, manufacturers have started selling building kits for the miniature habitats on Amazon, and many are priced under $20,000.

While the homes aren’t available for Prime shipping, some do ship for free.

Customers can buy the 292-square-foot “Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway” for $18,800. According to the listing, the “getaway is large enough to function as summer house, home office or even a stand-alone retail building.”

It’ll take two adults approximately two to three days to construct the house, which comes with all the nails, screws and handles buyers will need. It also includes step-by-step directions. However, the DIY kit doesn’t include plumbing.

A floor plan reveals its layout and specifications. The cabin has three rooms on the main floor with an attic space above.

The house has a 2.5 out of 5-star rating based on three customer reviews.

Amazon is also home to a 113-square-foot tiny house that costs $4,990 and a there’s a $33,000 kit available for the 540-square-foot Allwood Avalon which could take up to 90-days for delivery.

“You’ll be better off building one on your own from materials you purchase locally,”one reviewer writes. While another Amazon customer writes, “Yoooo just bought a house.” Twenty people found that review helpful.

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