World Missionary Press Works to Plant the Seeds of the Gospel in Fear-Stricken Southern Romania

Header photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash.

World Missionary Press’s (WMP) impact is growing in Romania.

WMP’s Helen Williams recently visited distributor partners in the country. She reports that sharing the Gospel amongst the people is difficult, especially in the southern region of the nation.

Southern Romania

“In Romania, we were in the southern part, and there are seven-thousand villages and cities in the southern part of Romania without a Gospel presence,” she says.

“There’s poverty. There’s a lot of alcoholism and just idleness that creates problems. Families are in distress. There’s little opportunity for work. They are still operating much under the old mindset and of communism from so many years [back].”

When communism had a grip on the nation, Christians and other religious followers were heavily persecuted. The regime’s wanted to create an atheistic society.

Hundreds of priests were arrested or killed and the Church was completely taken over by the government.

That fear from the past still remains in the culture in southern Romania.

“So, when you try to present the Gospel of Jesus there, it’s so different than anything that they know in so many ways. And there’s a fear of stepping out and taking on something new or something different, and perhaps losing something that they’ve got that they’ve been hanging onto for years. It’s a very difficult area.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lindsay Steele