White House to Hold Social Media Summit as Trump Claims Google, Facebook Are Biased Against him and Conservatives Worry About Censorship

(AP Photo/J. David Ake, File)

The White House will hold a social media summit on July 11, aiming to have a “robust conversation” about online platforms at a time when they are under increasing attack in Washington.

White House confirmation of the summit came after President Trump dialed up his criticism of tech companies on Wednesday morning. He said in an interview on Fox Business Network that online giants such as Google and Facebook Inc. are “trying to rig the election,” while Twitter Inc. is making it harder for users to follow him.

The administration moves appear to suggest that the White House and its Republican allies will make alleged anti-conservative bias a major issue heading into the 2020 election, as they did in 2018.

The online companies have denied accusations that they try to suppress conservative speech. But conservatives continue to raise concerns about the big platforms’ ability to influence how content is consumed on the internet.

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SOURCE: John D. McKinnon and Catherine Lucey
The Wall Street Journal