There’s a Devil Loose: New Jersey Man Killed Ex-Girlfriend’s Grandmother and 9-Year-Old Brother, Held Her Hostage Overnight with Their Bodies, Then Live-streamed Police Chase

A New Jersey man has been arrested after allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend’s grandmother and brother, holding her against her will in a home with the bodies, and then streaming the subsequent police chase on Facebook Live. Terrence Matthews, 23, is facing charges of first-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping and weapons charges, authorities said Friday. Police say Matthews stabbed his ex’s grandmother and her 9-year-old brother—who had reportedly also been drowned in a bathtub—on Wednesday night after the two had gotten into an argument earlier in the day. Prosecutor Scott Coffina and Willingboro Public Safety Director Kinamo Lomon said the killings appeared to have happened while the ex-girlfriend was at work, and when she returned home, he allegedly held her against her will at the home until Thursday morning.

The two then went to a local convenience store, where she told employees about the killings and Matthews fled. Police then engaged in a high-speed chase with Matthews, who streamed the whole thing on Facebook Live before crashing into a pole and sustaining minor injuries.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast – Julia Arciga