There’s a Devil Loose: Alabama Woman Is Charged by Grand Jury with the Manslaughter of Her Own Unborn Baby After She Started a Fight That Led to Her Being Shot and the Fetus Dying, but Strangely She Can Go Down to Planned Parenthood and Have the Unborn Baby Killed ‘Legally’; After Backlash, Alabama Prosecutors Hint They May Not Pursue Charges

Marshae Jones (left), 27, of Birmingham, was charged with manslaughter on Wednesday. Authorities say she started and escalated a dispute with Ebony Jemison (right), 23.

Prosecutors in Alabama have hinted that a woman indicted on manslaughter charges by a grand jury after suffering a miscarriage due to a shooting may not be prosecuted after all. After the case drew nationwide attention this week, the Jefferson County/Bessemer Cutoff District Attorney’s Office released a statement Thursday stressing that Marshae Jones had not yet been charged and could face either a “lesser charge” or not be prosecuted at all, despite the indictment. The indictment against Jones, who suffered a miscarriage after being shot in the stomach last year, sparked outrage when it was handed down Wednesday. Police had said Jones was to blame for instigating the fight that led to the shooting.

Prosecutors on Thursday promised to “take a thorough look at all the facts provided, the applicable laws, and reach a decision that we believe will lead to an outcome that is the most just for all parties involved.” “While the grand jury has had its say, our office is in the process of evaluating this case and has not yet made a determination about whether to prosecute it as a manslaughter case, reduce it to a lesser charge or to not prosecute it,” the statement read. It noted that the grand jury determined to pursue charges against Jones, and not the shooter, after the actions of both involved were presented at the same time. The District Attorney’s Office also noted the case predates the passage of Alabama’s new near-total abortion law, which sparked concerns that women could be prosecuted for suffering a miscarriage. Read the full statement below:

SOURCE: The Daily Beast