Texas Couple Who Died in Fiji Texted Relatives About ‘Throwing Up for 8 Hours’

David and Michelle Paul died of a mysterious illness while vacationing in Fiji, their family said. / Handout via WFAA

In text messages to their relatives, a Texas couple on a dream trip to Fiji complained of being violently ill but offered no indication they were worried the mystery ailment that afflicted them would take their lives.

Michelle and David Paul died two days apart after arriving in Fiji on May 22 and becoming gravely ill soon after.

The Fiji Health Ministry has been working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization to determine the malady that took the lives of two seemingly healthy people.

Text messages obtained by ABC News from relatives shed light on the couple’s deteriorating conditions and the treatment they were offered by doctors at a local clinic.

“We are both going to doctor now,” Michelle Paul, 35, texted her parents, who live in Nevada, soon after she and her husband arrived in Fiji. “We have been throwing up for 8 hours. Dave has diarrhea. My hands are numb. We will text when we can.”

After returning to their hotel, Michelle Paul wrote another text to her mother, Juliet Calanog, giving her an update on the treatment they received at the clinic.

“We just got back from the clinic. They gave us fluids and anti-nausea drip,” Michelle Paul wrote. “They gave us electrolyte packets and anti-nausea pills. We still don’t feel 100%. Going to rest in our room.”

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SOURCE: ABC News, Bill Hutchinson and Lisa Sivertsen