Ryan Bomberger: An Open Letter to Former ‘Anti-Abortion Crusader’ Pastor Rob Schenck Who Now Thinks Pro-Lifers Are ‘Fools’

Dear Rob Schenck,

In your propaganda piece (gleefully) published in the New York Times, entitled “I Was an Anti-Abortion Crusader. Now I Support Roe v. Wade,” you say that overturning Roe “should not be anybody’s idea of victory.”

Killing over 60 million innocent human beings and harming countless mothers and fathers shouldn’t be anybody’s idea of victory, “Reverend” Schenck.

This is the most ignorant promotion of evil I’ve seen from someone who clearly knows what he’s peddling is a lie. Imagine the equally incoherent Op-Ed title: “I Was Once an Anti-Slavery Crusader. Now I Support Dred Scott v. Sanford.” I can’t fathom what it’s like to fight the injustice of the slaughter of innocent human lives for decades and then put a stamp of approval on that very injustice. I’ve actually worked in impoverished neighborhoods ravaged by violence, poverty, crime and hopelessness. I can guarantee you the solution was, and is, never more death.

Your pro-abortion rhetoric is nothing new. It’s merely repackaged “pro-choice” activism that never remedies what it decries. I noticed you put “baby killing” in quotes and never explain why you claim abortion is a tragedy. How do you live with such dissonance?

Child abuse is a tragedy. Several of my siblings experienced horrific abuse at the hands of their biological parents. But they weren’t better off dead. They were better off loved. This brings me to yet another pathetic omission in your pro-abortion screed.

You wrote: “I can no longer pretend that telling poor pregnant women they have just one option — give birth and try your luck raising a child, even though the odds are stacked against you — is ‘pro-life’ in any meaningful sense.” You say you worked to fight Roe v. Wade for 30 years, yet adoption never made its way into your lexicon?

I was conceived in rape yet adopted and loved. I’m an adoptive father. I was not better off dead. My children were not better off dead. Did you ever extend your family and your resources to a vulnerable child in foster care or to an expectant mother who wanted a better life for her child?

Churches (e.g. the Catholic Church) are the biggest funders of pregnancy centers and outreaches to the poor. He ignores this and the work of the Salvation Army, Operation Blessing, Catholic Charities, and Samaritan’s Purse. Apparently, you’ve never visited phenomenal anti-poverty, pro-family, pro-life ministries like People for People in Philly, Bartow Family Resources in Cartersville, Georgia, or the Jericho Partnership in Danbury, Connecticut. The incredible people in these places do the work he claims pro-lifers don’t do.

But it’s easy to pretend that hope and help don’t exist. Does it somehow assuage your unjustifiable conversion?

I’m sorry you think less of your “status” of being a white man. I thank God for the elected white men (and everyone else) who will fight injustice. I thank God for those “upper class white men” who abolished the “tragedy” of slavery so that I’m not on some auction block here in northern Virginia today.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ryan Bomberger