Ron Edmondson on the 7 Most Frustrating Things Pastors Deal With

I recently received this question about what can make a pastor feel annoyed.

Ron—What do you think are some of the most frustrating things that pastors experience?

Great question. I’m sure, like most jobs, there are frustrating things that happen while doing the best you know to do.

Leadership deals with people. Different people.

There can always be frustrations dealing with people different from us. Even people who love each other can be frustrated by each other.

But the question was “most frustrating.” I had to think about that question.

I should first mention that I love the local church. (I shouldn’t have to mention it, but I do.) I believe the church is the hope for the world. I am a proponent of the local, Bible-believing church. We are filled with imperfect people, but our mission is God-inspired, God-given and to be God-glorifying.

Here’s my reply to what can make a pastor feel annoyed.

1. Pastors are annoyed by people who abuse power or position.

It always bothers me, but even more so when it happens in the church. That includes, of course, the pastor.

Ultimately, we are to follow Christ, but sometimes we can let positions and power get in the way of humility and obedience.

2. Pastors are annoyed by people who live dual lives.

Hypocrisy. One church face and one community face. Frustrating. It gives the church a bad name.

Many of my unchurched friends won’t come to church because they know someone who comes to church already. And they aren’t impressed.

3. Pastors are annoyed by rumors that spread with no basis of truth.

(And, yes, it happens … often.)

4. Pastors are annoyed by selfishness.

People who want what they want, even at the expense and inconvenience of others; who will allow their personal preference to interfere with carrying out the ultimate mission of the church.

Doesn’t sound very biblical to me.

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Source: Church Leaders