Organizations Help Christians Learn About Running for Political Office

In the shadow of the US capitol, Christian men and women gathered recently in a glass-enclosed conference room.

They traveled from across the country to get schooled on the realities of life as a potential candidate.

“This is what politics is all about,” said one of the lecturers as the future candidates listened and took notes.

 Learning How to Become Christian Statesmen

They’re learning how to stay composed during hostile media interviews.

“How do I communicate my faith and my belief in God’s word in a way that is drawing people in and not just providing for them to attack?” asked Jeanne Nigro who traveled from New York City.

They’re becoming grounded in their Biblical world view, solidifying their political philosophy, and studying the Constitution.

“Learning how to speak with clarity, being able to debate, being able to negotiate,” Leon Benjamin, a Richmond native explained is what he was learning.

Benjamin, along with the other students, is a fellow at the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Leadership.

Confronting Tough Issues

Over the course of three weeks, he and the other fellows gained guidance on how to thoughtfully tackle tough issues like gender identity from experts like Ryan Anderson at The Heritage Foundation.

It’s one of the issues on which Anderson says Christian candidates offer real leadership.

“You don’t need to be a conservative Christian to have concerns about fifth-grade boys being in your daughter’s bathroom and locker room in school. You don’t need to be a conservative Christian to have concerns about teenagers being placed on puberty-blocking drugs and then cross-sex hormones. Many Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, regardless of their religious beliefs, think that there’s something wrong with giving a high school girl testosterone,” Anderson told CBN News.

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Source: CBN