New York Times Cuts Daily Political Cartoons Amid Backlash Over Anti-Semitic Drawings

The New York Times is yanking daily political cartoons from its international edition after it stirred controversy by publishing a drawing deemed anti-Semitic.

The Gray Lady made the decision after suffering a black eye for publishing an April cartoon depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a Star-of-David-wearing guide dog leading a blind President Trump, who was wearing a kippah.

The image was especially egregious as it came during Passover, critics said.

“It runs a cartoon on #Passover deploying animalization of world leader, @netanyahu as a dog, replete with #StarofDavid leading @POTUS. Will @nytimes fire anyone or pat itself on the back for freedom of expression to denigrate Jews again,” the Simon Wiesenthal Center tweeted at the time.

The image was obtained from a syndication service, which the Times ceased using after issuing an apology for the distasteful drawing.

But beginning July 1, international editions will halt in-house cartoons as well, bringing those papers in line with the U.S. edition, which does not print daily political funnies. The Times had been planning the move for a year, according to editor James Bennet.

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SOURCE: NY Post, Max Jaeger