‘New York Times’ Calls the Heartbeat of Unborn Children ‘Embryonic Pulsing’

Pro-lifers are accusing the New York Times of ignoring science by labeling an unborn baby’s heartbeat “embryonic pulsing” – language that wasn’t used in earlier stories but appeared in a May 29 report on the issue.

The story referenced a new Louisiana law that bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. The bill was sponsored by a Democratic state senator and signed by the state’s Democratic governor.

“The measure would require an ultrasound test for any woman seeking to terminate a pregnancy, and forbid abortion if the test detects embryonic pulsing,” The Times story read.

Earlier in the story, The Times said lawmakers had passed a bill that would “ban the procedure after the pulsing of what becomes the fetus’s heart can be detected.”

Stories from May 7 and April 18 did not use the language and instead called it a “fetal heartbeat.” All the stories, though, called the bills “so-called heartbeat bills.”

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Source: Christian Headlines