National Religious Broadcasters Says Its Financial Standing is ‘Solid’ After Claims That Organization is Facing Bankruptcy

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National Religious Broadcasters is on firm financial footing, a spokesperson said after reports that the organization is on the brink of bankruptcy. 
Independent investigative journalist Julie Roys claimed in a report on her website Thursday that the National Religious Broadcasters is experiencing several financial woes and the problems went unnoticed until recently.

The Christian Post reached out to NRB for comment, specifically inquiring about the financial standing of the organization.

Craig Parshall, NRB general counsel, responded in an email Monday: “Because the Internet is filled with bloggers citing ‘facts’ that can be inaccurate, outdated, misleading (or even defamatory), the National Religious Broadcasters association practices restraint in responding to blog posts.”

“Regarding NRB itself, the membership of our association has enthusiastically responded in a remarkable way to the financial challenges arising over the last few years. NRB’s present status is solid, its future is bright, its mission is focused and its impact has been renewed.”

Jerry Johnson, former president and CEO of NRB, resigned in February. Two months later he reportedly emailed the group’s board, which was leaked to Roys, and demanded more severance and health insurance, benefits he claims he had been promised. Johnson also sought arbitration and said he would seek damages against NRB if they did not comply.

“But NRB has no money,” Roys wrote, noting how other leaked email correspondence she received shows NRB treasurer Frank Wright explaining how the organization had suffered just under $900,000 of operating losses since 2014 and “has been financially insolvent for each of the last three fiscal years.”

One month after that, Wright sent the board another email explaining that NRB needed $750,000 by the end of May or they would have to file bankruptcy and reorganize and that no national convention would happen in 2020. NRB’s annual convention has been a significant source of revenue for the organization since its inception 75 years ago.

In response to both Johnson’s demands for more severance and health insurance and the financial issues besetting the organization, NRB chairman and national radio host Janet Parshall wrote in an email to the board that the group had faced unprecedented financial deficits, spending had increased, and membership had decreased. NRB’s core mission had been “left to wander in the desert of neglect,” Parshall explained.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter