Muslim Man Accepts Christ After He Had a Dream About Mohammed Kneeling Before Jesus

Ramadan came to an end earlier this week and was followed by the celebration called Eid al-Fitr or the “festival of breaking the fast.” Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, is a time of intense searching for God. In the United States, one Muslim man’s search was answered in an unexpected way.

God Moves Through Dreams

Jane from Cry Out says during Ramadan there was a church in the United States committed to praying for Muslims to encounter Christ. Then, towards the end of Ramadan on a Tuesday, a Muslim man walked into the same church and asked to speak with a pastor.

“Sunday night, he had a dream. As we know, that is one of the biggest desires, right? All Muslims have a desire to have a dream. And that night, he dreamed of Mohammed…. But what happened in his dream is he actually saw Jesus sitting on a throne. Mohammed was standing in front of the throne and kneeling in front of Jesus,” Jane describes.

“This shocked the guy very much. He woke up the next morning feeling very confused about this dream.”

The man said Jesus looked different than he expected. He saw Jesus with a dark complexion and said He looked like a Jew, which surprised the man. And at first, he tried to ignore the dream. But then Monday night, he had another dream.

“He dreams exactly the same dream. But this time, at the end of the dream, Jesus took him and they kind of zoomed out over his neighborhood where he lives. Jesus showed him a few streets down is this big building. He showed him that inside the building, there were people praying, and He told him to go to that church and speak to the pastor,” Jane says.

Answering the Call

Jane says this church is not on the main road. Unless a person knows where to find it, the church is rather difficult to locate. But in the dream, Jesus showed this Muslim man where to find this specific church.

Then, when the man met with the pastor on Tuesday, he came to faith in Jesus Christ.

“One of the other things that this man said is that being with Jesus was like experiencing liquid love, just being covered with liquid love. He said the taste of it was indescribable — just this place in this time of standing with Jesus,” Jane says.

“I just thought that was really encouraging…. This is happening not just in the Muslim world. It’s happening all over the world where people are choosing to pray for our friends, to pray that they will experience the fullness of who Jesus is.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Bethann Flynn