Millions of Britons Face Rush-Hour Travel Chaos as Flash Flooding Leaves Motorway Underwater, Sinkholes Close Roads and Rail Commuters are Urged Not to Travel – And There’s More Torrential Rain on the Way Today

Millions of Britons are battling another miserable journey to work this morning after flash flooding hit large swathes of the country putting roads underwater, with more torrential rain on the way today. Police in Kent and the Midlands urged motorists not to drive through deep floods as it could prove deadly, after officers received countless calls of roads underwater. Traffic officials were forced to close the M25 in Kent overnight after a lorry crash revealed two sinkholes on the central reservation, with severe delays still plaguing the motorway this morning. Flooding reached over a foot deep in some parts of the county last night with several cars on the M20 becoming stranded as a result of the treacherous conditions. There is more travel chaos on the trains, with Southern, Southeastern and Thameslink routes suffering delays and cancellations after all lines through Orpington were closed due to flooding last night.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail