London Bridge Baptist Church Remembers Contractor Killed in Virginia Beach Mass Shooting

The congregation at London Bridge Baptist Church is remembering the life of Herbert “Bert” Snelling.

He was one of the 12 victims killed by a gunman at the Virginia Beach municipal center Friday.

Snelling was a contractor, father, and husband. He was getting a permit at the Public Works building when the mass shooting happened.

“That doesn’t happen here this is a peaceful community where you don’t feel in danger, where you feel like there isn’t going to be any crime and it really does it home,” Pete Spitzer said.

Spitzer became friends with Snelling a few years ago during a mission trip.

“We were building a church and Bert, the kind and gentle man that he was, somebody that was always there to help people always looking to give his talents,” he said.

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SOURCE: 13NewsNow